Colgate Max White One Optic Review

I have recently been looking in to teeth whitening, although my 30 day coffee challenge is helping slightly, but the price really puts me off. I wouldn’t mind if I knew I would get the results that I wanted but that’s always the risk you take.

Instead I have been looking for “at home” products that are more reasonably priced and aid me on my journey to whiter teeth.

A newly launched product is truly ingenious and one that is now firmly placed at the front of my bathroom cabinet! Colgate MaxWhite ONE Optic toothpaste gives you whiter teeth instantly. It uses “unique optic brightener technology”, to you and I this is the little blue pigments, to transform your teeth immediately.

Perfect for a night out, date or even just a day at the office! Not having to spend 15-30 minutes with a teeth whitener strip/gum shield in your mouth means you can spend a little longer in bed!

Not only does it make a change instantly but it helps to progressively whiten your teeth over time too. A winner in my books!

Colgate MaxWhite ONE Optic toothpaste   Colgate MaxWhite ONE Optic toothpaste

Costing just £4.49 for 75ml I think this product is reasonably priced for the results and I will certainly be stocking up! (PSST… It’s currently only £2.24 in boots, find it here.)

Have you tried this product yet?


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