Panasonic Lumix G6

Panasonic have recently decided to test their brand new Lumix G6 camera, in a head to head battle with a comparable DSLR. But who will come out on top…?


The new campaign is entitled “Closer, Faster, Smarter” and to coincide with this running theme Panasonic have produced three videos for each area.

Basically, Panasonic want to show the world that their Lumix G6 has impressive qualities and is in fact better than a comparable DSLR – my view after seeing the amazing results in these videos!

Renowned photographer David Eustace is sent on a trip to Indonesia, challenging the performance and quality of the camera at each step. These videos show the results and I am sure you will very quickly realise which is the better of the two!

Lumix G6


For the “closer” challenge the photography subject was bull racing. This swiftly paced game was probably more of a challenge for the photographer than the camera! With a 10 x optical zoom the Lumix easily won this challenge, allowing the photographer to capture the image away from any danger. The comparative DSLR features only a 3 x zoom.



On to the second challenge; “faster”. Here the photographer set about photographing the people of Bali and the nature surrounding them. It’s highly important that the camera is fast enough to capture these moments, as often they are fleeting. The quick auto focus on the Lumix G6 allowed him to quickly take the photograph of some young friends, whereas the DSLR missed the moment.



The final task was the “smarter” category; which camera is smarter? The Lumix G6 is robust, has exceptionally quick auto-focus and also feature built in wifi technology! Fantastic for instantly sharing your photographs around the world. Sadly the DSLR did not feature any of these features and so the Lumix G6 was crowned victorious.



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