Cloggs – Heeled Chelsea Boots

This winter I have bought several pairs of boots and not really fallen in love with any of them. You know when you purchase something out of practicality rather than actually liking the look of it? That is exactly the issue I have had for the last few months. I just can’t find “the one”!

But I didn’t give up my hunt and I am glad that I persevered as after finding a website I had not visited before I found the most beautiful pair of boots, and I plan to wear them forever.

These heeled Chelsea boots are from Cloggs (you can find this exact pair here) and retail for just £34.99. Being 5ft and a little bit extra I find that flat boots and shoes leave me smaller than the year 7’s on my daily commute. Therefore I like to add a little bit of height, especially with boots.


I was after some Chelsea boots but found that most had only a small heel when I wanted something a tiny bit higher and these fitted the bill.

They are SO comfortable, I have worn them walking to and from work plus all day in the office and not been left with sore feet. Hey are also the perfect boots to dress up or down and will look just as good with jeans and a jumper as they do with a dress for work.

I can’t wait to feature them in an OOTD soon but wanted to share them with you first!

You can view the whole Cloggs range here.


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