Christmas Gifts for Awkward People

Do you have a member of your family, or perhaps a friend, that you just don’t know what to get for Christmas? Well unusual gifts is exactly what IWOOT offers, so I thought I would put together a gift guide for those hard to buy for people in everybody’s lives!

IWOOT Christmas

Their interests: Travel & adventure

This Travelogue is the perfect gift for anybody who loves to travel; it allows them to keep notes throughout their adventure and is something they can treasure forever. The Travelogue also features really unique things like 8 scratch off maps and advice for various destinations.

Price: £12.99

Their interests: Organisation & a busy schedule

Something a little brighter than a standard notebook, the Big Head Reusable Memo Pad is the perfect gift for those who lead busy lives and need to keep track of just what it is they need to do! The memo pad is dry wipe so it can be used again and again too. This would look great on an office desk or by the telephone.

Price: £13.99

Their interests: Science & DIY

I actually think this looks quite a fun gift! The Space Coaster Marble Run would make the perfect gift for girl or boy, particularly those interested in science or making things themselves. This is a gift that just keeps on giving, with various routes for the marble to travel.

Price: £15.49

Their interests: Work, work, work

When you are a high-flier there are many things that get in the way of starting your day, one of which is having to stir your own cup of coffee. No longer will this business minded individual need to worry about this inconvenience with a Self Stir Mug.

Price: £10.99

Their interests: Everything

Perhaps your recipient is lucky enough to have everything possible, from the latest gadgets to the top 5 new books, and there is just nothing left to get them. Nothing is the perfect gift, showing you care without causing all the stress of coming up with a real idea!

Price: £6.99


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