Exploring France

Travel is one of my true passions, and I have been lucky enough to have visited a wide range of destinations across the world. However, you don’t always have to travel thousands of miles away from home to find a destination you can truly appreciate. After all, Europe is just on our doorstep.

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Taking a short break in the UK

I absolutely love travelling but I have always been more of a foreign escape girl than a UK breaks one, however in recent years my eyes have been open to the possibilities of destinations within the UK and so I thought I would put together some of my favourites from the not so distant past.

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The Kitchin, Edinburgh

The best gifts come in food form, and that was no more true than a birthday present in the shape of a trip to Michelin Star rated, The Kitchin. Located on the Edinburgh coast this restaurant uses its wonderful Scottish to provide the freshest and tastiest food I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

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A trip to Kraków, Poland

A destination that is as of yet to become mainstream, but one that since I have got back I have not stopped recommending – Poland. A place stuck in time of years gone past, with decedent buildings and a Jewish quarter that still holds religious markings of yesteryear.

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