Lunch at the Royal Hotel, Southend

When I find a location that I love for food and drink, it takes willpower to not frequent it as often as possible! This is the problem that I encounter with the Royal Hotel in Southend, if I could I would be enjoying lunch with a view of the sea and beyond every single day… and it’s easy to see why.

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Crystal Ceiling Lamp from Litecraft

My favourite room of our house in my dressing room. Every last piece has been added to create a room that is serene and perfected. Or so I thought until I realised my lamp shade just wasn’t cutting the mustard… so instead I turned to Litecraft.

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Investing in luxury with Rooi

Luxury comes in many different forms, but to me there is little better than a high quality duvet set for you to sink in to at the end of a hard day. After all, how often do you spend at least 8 hours in any other one position – surely that’s reason enough to splash out?

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Pan Chai, Harrods Review

If there ever was a restaurant that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, then Pan Chai is it. Located in the food halls of Harrods, this casual dining experience offers some taste sensations that I have never experienced before – and I wish I could go back again and again.

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Carluccio’s, Chelmsford

Having opened just a few months ago in Chelmsford, Carluccio’s is a new addition to the city and brings with it an Italian/Mediterranean flair that sits well amongst the variety of other restaurants in the vicinity. Plus, with a comprehensive gluten free menu the restaurant really does stand out amongst the crowd!

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