Stay Hydrated with Highland Spring

Ensuring you are hydrated is essential to ensuring your body functions correctly and at its optimum level. With the government recommending that you drink 2 L of water a day it is essential to ensure that you drink water or a suitable alternative throughout the day to meet this.

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Jimbobart Home Accessories

My addiction to purchasing home accessories is quickly overtaking that of my clothes shopping, and with unique products like these Jimbobart side plates it’s easy to see why.

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Mango Tree, Luxury Thai

Located in Belgravia, around a 5 minute walk from Victoria station, Mango Tree is a Thai restaurant like no other – and certainly won’t disappoint. With a range of Thai favourites, alongside from unique specialities, you will be spoilt for choice and certainly won’t leave hungry – far from it in fact!

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Lunch at the Royal Hotel, Southend

When I find a location that I love for food and drink, it takes willpower to not frequent it as often as possible! This is the problem that I encounter with the Royal Hotel in Southend, if I could I would be enjoying lunch with a view of the sea and beyond every single day… and it’s easy to see why.

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Crystal Ceiling Lamp from Litecraft

My favourite room of our house in my dressing room. Every last piece has been added to create a room that is serene and perfected. Or so I thought until I realised my lamp shade just wasn’t cutting the mustard… so instead I turned to Litecraft.

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