Gluten Free at Perrywood Garden Centre

Garden Centres are somewhere I picture my parents or grandparents visiting on a Sunday afternoon, perusing the flower options on offer and stopping for a teacake and cup of tea at the end. Well, this idicyllic image in my mind was completely dispelled when I discovered the Perrywood Garden Centre, near Tipree, and their wide-ranging gluten free menu.
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Over the past couple of years I have fallen in love with cooking. The researching of recipes, planning a healthy meal to fit around a daily diet and even the dicing of vegetables has become somewhat of a hobby for me. But sometimes, when you’re late home or just too tired to cook you want a healthy alternative that requires minimal effort. Which is where Everdine comes in.
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Revolution Southend-on-Sea

In all honesty, if I was looking for a place to dine for lunch or dinner Revolution would not come to mind. But how wrong I was to discount a place with such a vast menu and such delicious food on offer all day, every day!
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Essex Food Festival 2017

Food and a day in the sunshine? I am totally sold, which is what lead to me discovering the Essex Food Festival and putting the date straight in my diary. Sadly when the day rolled around (as is always the way with British summertime) it was raining, and so my sunshine dreams were dashed, but that certainly didn’t put any dampers on me and the hundreds of others enjoying the day!
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Tea Enriched Alcohol

There is no better gift for most than alcohol, particularly when such alcohol is presented in a luxurious gift box and crafted by an independent, small scale distillery – with a twist.

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