Organic: Food as it should be

Have you heard that this month has been crowned Organic September? With 82% of Brits buying organic produce it seems likely some of you will have… But, 82% isn’t everybody, and that’s something that needs the Soil Association want to change.

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Giraffe World Kitchen at Intu Lakeside

If I am honest, I am entirely an online shopping type of girl. I cannot deal with the stress of crowds, queues at checkout and messy clothes racks in many high street stores. However, one thing I do like going shopping (particularly at somewhere like Intu Lakeside) is the food options – and this time I paid a little visit to Giraffe.

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Globetrot in style with Laurige

When I travel I am a little bit too organised, wanting to ensure everything is printed off before I go. From boarding passes, to hotel reservations and tour tokens. If I dont have it printed then I worry something will go wrong. The problem is, with all this paper where do I keep it? Luckily Laurige have the answer.

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Gluten Free at Perrywood Garden Centre

Garden Centres are somewhere I picture my parents or grandparents visiting on a Sunday afternoon, perusing the flower options on offer and stopping for a teacake and cup of tea at the end. Well, this idicyllic image in my mind was completely dispelled when I discovered the Perrywood Garden Centre, near Tipree, and their wide-ranging gluten free menu.
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Over the past couple of years I have fallen in love with cooking. The researching of recipes, planning a healthy meal to fit around a daily diet and even the dicing of vegetables has become somewhat of a hobby for me. But sometimes, when you’re late home or just too tired to cook you want a healthy alternative that requires minimal effort. Which is where Everdine comes in.
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