Freddie’s Flowers

What could be better than a weekly, or monthly, delivery of beautiful flowers direct to your door? For me, not much! So thankfully Freddie’s Flowers is here to offer exactly that.

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Essential Cuisine Concentrated Stock (Gluten Free)

Stock is an absolute store cupboard essential, it’s an ingredient that’s required for so many recipes – and really brings the flavour too! But have you ever purchased stock before (particularly of the gluten free variety) and found it slightly lack lustre in taste?

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La Belle Assiette Private Chef

It turns out that private chefs aren’t only for the rich and famous, thanks to La Belle Assiette! Fine dining in your own home, without the need to prepare or cook any of the food, is now a reality for us all – and the best bit? The chef even does your washing-up!
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Goodlife Vegetarian Ready Meals

When I started looking to eat healthier and increase my intake of fruit and veg, frozen food pretty much went out the window for me – banished to the freezer aisle of my local supermarket where I stare longingly at it every visit. But it turns out I was wrong! And Goodlife and here to prove why.
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Giraffe World Kitchen at Intu Lakeside

If I am honest, I am entirely an online shopping type of girl. I cannot deal with the stress of crowds, queues at checkout and messy clothes racks in many high street stores. However, one thing I do like going shopping (particularly at somewhere like Intu Lakeside) is the food options – and this time I paid a little visit to Giraffe.

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