A Freelancer’s Guide To Land High-Flying Clients

Blogging is an amazing career. From working at home to being your own boss, you are in charge. Plus, it’s flexible and revolves around your life instead of the other way around. Blogging for a living is a fairytale only a select few get to experience. The reason there aren’t more successful sites on the market is client generation. As a freelancer, you have to go to the client and convince them to invest in your services. Unfortunately, it isn’t a natural art to master. Thankfully, the following tricks of the trade can make it less stressful.

Here’s what every freelance blogger needs to understand.

Define Your Base

Freelancers searching for clients like to look high and low to increase their chances. Bad move! Like all businesses, there is a base which you have to target to boost success. Remember that not every entrepreneur will want or need your services, so why waste time, energy and money? The best option is to focus on the people who are interested in forming a partnership. Before this can happen, you need to understand your base. What is the demographic? What is the age range? How come you can add value? Answer these questions and your inquiries will get much more traction.

Appear Professional

The site is the place to start because it is your entire first impression. As soon as people land on the homepage, they make a judgement. You want it to be positive, which is why the aesthetics have to be on point. Think about mixing colours which are vivid yet easy to read. Next, consider the layout as there is no bigger turn-off for a client than a website that is hard to navigate. Then, focus on the little details. Not only should your contact details be on the page, but they should stand out. provides a company address for blogs so they can boost their reputation. That way, you don’t look like a home-based business.

Don’t Undervalue Services

Possibly the biggest mistake a freelancer can make is to undercut his or her rivals. To you, it seems like a savvy business move to attract new clients, yet it’s a massive turn-off. The reason is that a low price is a sign of low-quality and inexperience. Instead of thinking “that’s a bargain,” they think “why is the price lower than the competition?” The only answer is because you are trying to make up for skills which you lack. Even if you are not confident, don’t undercut your rivals.

Be Sociable

Social media makes interacting with clients a doddle. However, it isn’t straightforward if you don’t have accounts with the right platforms. Twitter is, of course, a giant of the social media world and brings people together from all around the world. Still, LinkedIn is the platform which has the most effect for freelancers. If you aren’t aware, an engaging profile with a photo is essential to create a digital presence. Don’t forget the sites such as and either.

Freelancing is freeing, but it means you have to work hard to find new customers.

Introducing More Flavours into Your Life

Life is all about stimulating the senses. Food is an incredible way to increase your quality of life and even your health. Your quest for flavour, however, should go beyond just the food that you eat. There are so many ways that you can stimulate your senses, from drinks, to even smells. No matter what you do or what your lifestyle is, you can benefit immensely from introducing more flavours into your life.

Stock Up

The first step you need to take to introduce more flavours into your life is to stock up on your ingredients. There are a lot of spices and foods that can be stored for a long time that you can easily stock up on so you have access to a plethora of tastes and flavours right at home.

Taste Challenge

Once you are stocked up it’s time to try different things out. There are recipe books you can buy, or ones you can try out for free online. The taste challenge is to make something new and something exciting each day. If you don’t have the time, at least try to make a new meal for yourself once a week. The more you try at home, the better your cooking skills will be and the further your pallet will expand.

Taste Challenge at Work

Take your taste challenge with you to work. You can do this in advance over the weekend, and then make delicious dishes for yourself that you can bring to work. Depending on the ingredients you use, either store these lunch meals in the fridge or in the freezer.

Other ways you can bring in more flavour to your workday is to chew different flavoured gum. The different flavours will help stimulate your mind so that you can get several creative boosts throughout the day. Mint flavours, for instance, are great for making you more alert.

Change the Ambiance

One of the biggest components of taste is, of course, smell. That is why when you want to go further than just adding more interesting food options to your life, you also need to aim to stimulate your other senses. Scented candles and incense are two ways that you can completely transform your mood, and your home. Have several on hand to change your mood as you need it.

Recreational Tasting

Tastes also doesn’t begin and end with food. Habits like drinking alcohol and even smoking tobacco should also be done for taste. Cigarettes should be replaced with e-cigarettes or other vaping options, since you can get your hit while also enjoying different flavours. Switching is easy, too – all you need to do is go to Mount Baker Vapor to get started.

You won’t like every flavour that you come across, but you need to try. There are so many flavours and combinations out there to taste, and trying these flavours can stimulate the senses unlike anything else. Use this flavour to improve your mood, to boost your creativity, and so much more.


Say Cheese! Tips For A Better Smile

We all deserve to be confident and able to smile like we mean it. It is part of human nature to laugh, joke and grin when we are happy, and it should never have to be something you feel self-conscious about. The good job is that today we are looking at some top tips to make you grin ear to ear.

Eat A Balanced, Healthy Diet

It might sound like the answer to all life’s woe is ‘eat some lettuce’, but actually, if you really think about it, it makes sense that what we put into our bodies will affect how our teeth look and feel. Teeth are made up highly of calcium, and to keep your teeth strong and healthy you will want to be eating lots of calcium rich foods. Dairy products are full of calcium and will give you the essential vitamin D needed to grow strong bones. However, this doesn’t mean you can spend your days gnawing on cheese. Remember also that teeth are affected by too much sugar and acid, meaning that you need to be careful what processed foods you put in your body.

Use A Fluoride Toothpaste Twice A Day

The reason we must brush our teeth twice a day is because during the day our body produces a lot of saliva which is full of bacteria, and this lubricates the mouth and keeps our teeth from being susceptible to decay. However, at night saliva rate slows meaning more risk of decay. This is why brushing our teeth for two minutes in the morning is important. Throughout the day you’ll consume lots of food and drink which can stain or damage the teeth, which is why you need to brush at night.


Many people forget about the importance of flossing their teeth, but this is a huge part of keeping our mouth healthy and free from disease. If you don’t floss, food and bacteria build up in between your teeth, which damages the mouth and can also cause bad breath. Try to floss at least once week and rinse your mouth out with mouthwash afterwards.

Use An Electric Toothbrush

It has been proven that electric toothbrushes work much better than their manual counterparts. They are designed to scrub and polish your teeth and reach places you simply can’t with a manual toothbrush.

Teeth Straightening

If you are finding that the confidence you lose due to your smile is affecting your quality of life, you may want to look into the cost of invisible braces. Invisible braces are a great choice for adults who feel self-conscious wearing a full brace, and will be able to straighten your teeth and leave you much more confident with your smile.

The One-Hour Rule

When you’ve eaten or drank something containing sugar, it makes your mouth slightly acidic, and this weakens your enamel. It means that if you brush your teeth immediately after eating you can risk rubbing the enamel away. It is best to wait an hour for the acid to neutralise and your enamel to harden again.


Custom Christmas Cards

With Christmas and the holiday season fast arriving, I have already been planning how I am going to be wrapping my presents and thinking about novel ideas for Christmas cards! Whilst winter may not be my favourite season, Christmas is certainly one of the most fun events of the year and so I certainly like to make the most of it whilst I can.

This year I am debating whether to send some custom holiday cards, I am thinking cheesy family photo – without the kids! I think something like will be treasured by family and friends, rather than immediately discarded come January 1st.

The difficult part is deciding what photo to take and feature on the front of these cards – buying the perfect props is more difficult than I thought! After all, whilst these photo Christmas cards are likely to be comical, I still want them to look good on top of my recipient’s mantelpiece.

Thankfully the actual ordering of the cards themselves is the easy part, thanks to the wonderful world wide web and the suppliers from across the globe that can supply them. I was particularly excited to stumble across Basic Invite (who are currently offering 30% off with code holi30) as they offer such a wide variety of different sizes, shapes and colours for all my card making needs!

In fact, they boast over 40 different types of envelope colour alone.


What’s really key for me is being able to preview exactly what you’re going to receive too. There’s nothing worse than emailing over some text or an image, for it to arrive without a proof and look nothing like what you expected. Particularly when ordering a large number, as would be expected with Christmas cards, you want to ensure that you’re not throwing money away!

So, the supplier is ticked off the list at least – but now it’s back to the drawing board to figure out which Christmas image to portray. Maybe I can create a few, with a bloopers version for our closest friends…!

Healthy eating made easy

Stay Healthy, Save Money

One thing I hear so much of is that it’s impossible to eat healthy whilst saving money, or even staying within budget. For some reason over the years we have developed an opinion that organic, and even fresh fruit and veg is far more expensive than cheaper options.

Whilst I cannot deny that this is in some cases true – hello £1 pizza! – it needn’t be the case and actually if you plan ahead you can be incredibly cost effective in what you buy and use.

Personally, I have recently really taken to shopping in Aldi. The prices are extremely affordable but not just that, their fruit and veg seems to far outlast those of the traditional supermarket chains. This means that I can do one shop for the week and know that even if I have a vegetable heavy dinner the end of the following week, my vegetables will still be in perfect shape and I won’t need to waste anything!

I think wastage is really one of the key ways to avoid wasting money, and instead save it or utilise it in a better way. I will admit to being somebody that previously would have thrown something away if it was a day past its best before, or simply because there was just 1 single potato left – what was I going to do with that?

Well, it seems there is lots you can do! I have found so many great recipes online for stews in my slow cooker, and they couldn’t be simpler – just chuck your spare vegetables in with some stock, leave it to cook away and you’re done! Similarly, a soup maker or Panasonic juicers allow you to simply use up any fruit and vegetables that you may have, and instead enjoy them hot or cold. Plus, they’re far healthier than a shop bought alternative!

Naturally these devices are an investment, but they don’t have to be expensive either. I also like to price things on a cost per use basis, and I have had my slow cooker for many years now and used it so many times I am sure it has pretty much paid for itself! Making a one-off investment can enable you to make cost savings in the long run, there is no doubt about that.

So, the next time you visit the supermarket and head straight to the frozen aisle for the cheapest items, thing again and instead discover what you can do with some healthy ingredients at low-cost and great value.