Blue Inc

Casual Weekend with Blue Inc

After a weekend of dressing up for work, I tend to want to dress down at the weekends and wear something comfortable. However, for me this doesn’t mean leggings and a baggy jumper – I want to remain stylish too!

But of course fashion and comfortable do not often go together; it seems the latest trends look fantastic but after an hour or so they leave you feeling uncomfortable and awkward – particularly if you have been out for a meal.

All of which led me to a search online for some comfortable, but stylish additions for my wardrobe – which is when I came across Blue Inc. The store is one that is on my local high street, but I haven’t been in to before. I was therefore surprised when I looked at their range online and found that there were lots of affordable pieces from both the Blue Inc brand and other labels too.

This checked shirt shouted at me instantly. Easy to throw on and style with a variety of denim pieces, I knew it would be the perfect fit with this new skirt which is my absolute favourite – which is from New Look by the way.

The best part? This shirt is just £9.99! It’s super comfortable too; the material is light and soft so perfect for the summer, and the long sleeves are great for me as I tend to want to hide my arms. You find out more about the shirt here.


I also picked up some jeans which were a bargain at £14.99 – and fit like a dream! I can’t wait to share them with you soon, but you can find them yourself here – I would really recommend them, and generally I go for higher end jeans but these really do fit the bill perfectly.

George at Asda – 1 Skirt, 3 Ways

I absolutely love reading these types of posts on other blogs so when I was approached to get involved I couldn’t wait! I love adding pieces to my wardrobe that are multifunctional and can be worn for both work and play; it considerably brings the cost per wear down which is always a good thing!

George at Asda is one of my favourite stores for online shopping. I always find at least a couple of things I want to buy and I find their fit true to size too – which is always a bonus, particularly when shopping online. Their prices are reasonable too, for example the skirt that is the key piece in this post was just £16! £16!! Thats about 2 lunches in London so a total bargain in my eyes.

I am totally in love with the midi length this season, as I may have already said, and this skirt is the perfect way to feed this addiction. The best part about it? It is stretchy! A few of my other skirts have zips and whilst they are comfortable if you are standing, once you have sat down a while they start to get uncomfortable. This is definitely the perfect skirt for a dinner out – eat as much as you like!

So I wanted to create 3 styles that could be worn for different occasions using the same skirt. The first look was for work; for this I chose a black wrapover blouse and a pair of low block heels. Simple and sophisticated. Then I wanted a transitional look that could go from work to play – so adding this white blouse was perfect! Smart enough for the office, but if you’re heading out for drinks just unzip it slightly and throw on a pair of heels and you’re off!

Finally I absolutely fell in love with this dusky pink faux leather jacket – and it was only £25! It is collarless which is great and it is light enough to wear during spring and summer. It compliments the skirt perfectly and by adding a plain cami vest and pair of sandals this look could take you to the beach, shopping, or for coffee with the girls.

All items in these looks were from George at Asda and I absolutely love each and everyone. The total cost was less than £100 for all 3 looks and you could easily style this skirt with existing items in your wardrobe too – making it even more cost effective!

What to wear as a wedding guest

What to wear as a wedding guest

I have been lucky enough to be invited to a wedding this summer as a +1 and you know what that means – the perfect excuse to purchase a new outfit!

But I always find that dressing for a wedding is slightly more difficult than getting a new outfit for dinner with friends or a night out; there are just so many rules! Don’t wear white, avoid anything strapless, don’t match the bridesmaids… the list is never ending!

So in honor of the relentless rules, but excitement, of wedding dressing I thought I would put together a wish list of dresses that are suitable for the occasion and will not leave you looking out of place!

My Wish List

One of the primary things I am looking for is a midi length dress. I am absolutely obsessed with this length at the moment anyway, but the fact it is demure enough for a wedding is a bonus too. As I am only short I would be looking for a knee length midi, but if you are a little taller than a calf length one would look fabulous too! I really love some of the ones in store at New Look right now.

Obviously I need a little bit of height to give me a bit of a boost, but six inch heels definitely don’t hold a place at such an occasion! Therefore my options are either wedges or block heels – both would be comfortable enough for a long day on my feet, and work perfectly with each of my selected dresses.

In terms of colours I am thinking peaches, light pinks and maybe a baby blue or light green – all of which House of Fraser have bountiful of. I think light colours are perfect for a summer wedding because they really grasp the concept of the season and are elegant too. I do really need to find out the colour code of the wedding to ensure that I don’t clash with the bridesmaids – or the tablecloths!

So with these items, and maybe a white blazer or pashmina to throw on if it gets a bit colder, I think I will just about be wedding guest ready – tackling this fashion dilemma in style!

Alice McCall

Designer Spotlight: Alice McCall

Sometimes there is just a designer that catches your eye with their whimsical and inspired creations. For me, that just happened to be Alice McCall.

Like work used in a theatre production, these pieces would not sit in your wardrobe quitely. Instead they are greatly expressive and not for the faint hearted – you would most certainly be noticed in these pieces, but justifiably for the right reasons!

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Wearable technology – fashion couture?

When you think of fashion you typically envisage that dreamlike Dior dress or coveted Mulberry handbag, but fashion does not centralise around standard fabric anymore. No, with the development of technology it has grown and established itself in an entirely different market: that of wearable technology.

Making its mark on the London Fashion Week catwalk during Richard Nicoll’s show, wearable technology was thrust in to the spotlight and soon found sanctuary within the discussions of fashionistas and they fashion bible magazines alike.

Typically the technology and fashion industry could not be more dissimilar: with the fashionable elite and their high price tag garments, in stark comparison to the technology industry that typically are thought to be a far more casual and almost ‘wacky’ bunch.

But no longer are the two industries so far separated, nor dissimilar to each other. The combination of both technology and fashion means that there is now the possibility for one item to truly transition between seasons and years. For example, one brand has sought to launch a set of high heels that feature LED lighting and through a mobile app the colour of these lights can be adjusted to suit. No longer do you need to buy a pair of heels for every outfit, now just one pair can do the same job as 5 or 6!

For those of you who watched the previous season of The Apprentice you may also have seen the wearable task, where one of the items produced was a jacket that used solar panels to power light panels and chargers for your mobile phone. Whilst their prototype wasn’t the greastest piece of fashion yet, it did somewhat suggest and show just what is possible with wearable technology and where it could possibly take fashion in the future.

Whilst the motto fashion over function has long resonated true, it may now be that the two can seamlessly combine and offer the best of both worlds!