Carluccio’s, Chelmsford

Having opened just a few months ago in Chelmsford, Carluccio’s is a new addition to the city and brings with it an Italian/Mediterranean flair that sits well amongst the variety of other restaurants in the vicinity. Plus, with a comprehensive gluten free menu the restaurant really does stand out amongst the crowd!

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Goldsmiths Jewellers

Bond Street is the new place to go in Chelmsford and heralds the arrival of many new shops, but whilst these new brand names appear there is also the same familiar names – with brand new interiors and exteriors, like the updated Goldsmiths store.Read More

Pivaz, Epping

I absolutely love Mediterranean food, I am quite sure I could live on just that and nothing else forever more and not get bored. So imagine my delight on discovering a new Turkish restaurant not so far from home. Little did I know that a delight it would prove to be!

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Bill’s, Chelmsford

If you are an Essex local you will not have been able to avoid the news of the new Bond Street development in Chelmsford. It heralds the arrival of many big name stores and plenty more restaurants – two of my favourite things! So, I decided to pay a visit and arrived at Bill’s.

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