Tria Beauty – Eye Wrinkle Treatment Laser

I recently hit the mid-twenties. When I was younger I used to think that anybody above the age of 21 was a real adult and most definitely had their life together – now I know that was entirely incorrect!

However, one joy of becoming that one step closer to a ‘real adult’ is the wrinkles and lines that are caused by pollution and everyday stresses/strains. Whilst others may find they tend to get these on their forehead or around their lips, mine appear to have centred around my eyes and area something I have long been concerned about.

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DaniPro Nail Varnish Review

One real issue I have when purchasing nail varnish is that you spend so much on it and only get a tiny bottle to contend with. Well, that’s certainly not a problem with DaniPro!

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Boss Perfumes – Pour Femme

A range of perfumes that are succint in their style and class – echoing the ‘look’ behind each perfume and pleasantly pairing themselves to the time of day and occasion. This range of Boss perfumes are long lasting, both delicate and strong scented, and a lovely addition to any dressing room table.

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Pure Colour by New Look

In all honesty I have never been fully convinced by high street clothing stores launching make-up lines. Surely it is a case of stick to what you know? Whilst clothes stores may know what makes a great a-line shift, do they really have the knowledge to purchase and sell good quality make-up?

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Joan Collins Lipstick

I have previously written posts about my love for Joan Collins beauty products, and that love has not faded. 

Each season I see a new shade, perfect for that time of year, appear and it just has to be added to my make up bag – which of course is not overflowing already at all

My latest addition? This lipstick and lip liner in a gorgeous, bold pink. It’s a colour I have seen featuring a lot recently over on Instagram and Twitter, and whilst I tend to shy away from bold colours I fell in love with this one and thought it would be great to try it out. 
First of all – how lovely is the packaging of the products? The Joan Collins lipsticks are a particular favourite of mine because they lol so luxe; whilst they are on the higher end of the scale at around £18 I think they look (and certainly work) like a more expensive product. 

 The staying power of this shade, and the lipsticks in general is great. You know those products that you almost have to scrub a little bit to remove? This is one of those. In fact I think I still have a little left on my hand – the day after I took these photographs!

Overall I couldn’t be more impressed with this brand. I have always been of the notion that celebrity endorsed brands are often just wholesale purchased with the addition of shiny new packaging – but this is entirely different. Joan has personally worked on the collection and has ensured it would be something she uses herself. 

Carry on doing great work, Joan!