Case Logic iPad 3 Case

When I first received my iPad I purchased a case for it from eBay, which was fine at the start but I eventually grew tired of the chunky feel to it and so decided to look elsewhere for something more lightweight.

The trouble I have is that I require a case that allows you to stand the iPad up. Whether it’s for typing up blog posts, watching movies or browsing the internet I find it such a struggle to use the iPad flat or whilst awkwardly attempting to hold it up with one hand!

I stumbled across Case Logic and their range of iPad cases and really liked the design of this Slim iPad 3 Folio.

It was exactly what I needed too; with the ability to stand it up and its light weight casing.




I am really impressed with this case. It feels like extremely high quality material and I can be sure that my iPad won’t suffer any scratches when it’s in my bag now!

The Slim iPad 3 Folio comes in 4 colours: Black, White, Navy & Pink.


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