Carluccio’s Free From Easter Treats

If you’re looking for an Easter treat but trying to find something that is free from things such gluten and dairy why not take a look at Carluccio’s?

This Sugared Egg Box retails at £7.95 and is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who may not be able to enjoy the deliciousness of gluten and dairy – even if they can these make a fantastic treat!

Presented in a cute box with Italian writing and of course the Carluccio’s logo, this box is a bargain for the price and would make a really lovely present this Easter as an alternative to an Easter egg.

They are absolutely delicious too, with the sugar coating covering a hollow chocolate sweet.




Instead of dairy these chocolate’s feature soya which is a great alternative to milk chocolate as would normally feature in treats such as this.

You can find these on sale at your local Carluccio’s where they also have a wide range of other products both for Easter and general use.


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