Bonjour French Food November Box Review

If I was to be asked what my favourite cuisine from around the world is I don’t think French food would come to mind immediately. Possibly because we are overrun with various food outlets from other countries around the globe, rather than the one just across the Channel. I personally couldn’t tell you where my nearest French restaurant is, which is a shame because the country does have some fantastic dishes and some especially delicious produce!

But Bonjour French Food is working to eliminate that gap with a monthly box full of the best French food goods available!

The brand and its marketing material are great, I love the logo and the box comes with a lovely little booklet that contains news from both England and France, with the booklet in both English and French.

The booklet also tells you what products are inside your box, which is incredibly handy when the labels are all in French and you never did pay much attention in French class at school. Before I read the booklet I was a little perplexed, looking at each pot and bag wondering just what I was meant to do with the products.

I will admit, however, that I still had to Google one or two things to find out what they were. I think the leaflet could benefit from a direct English translation.

I received the November box and here’s what was inside:


Preparation Pour Pain De Campagne:

 Marlette Farmhouse Bread kit

Tapenade Noire:

 Alix & Terra tapenade (a savoury paste/dip made with black olives, capers, and anchovies.)

Tomatine De Tomate:

 Marc & Isabelle tomatine (ideal hot or cold on bread, with meat or in a sauce.)

Petit-Beurres Au Comte Et Au Poivre:

Michel et Augustin cheese & pepper savoury buscuits.

Terrine De Caille Aux Cepes:

 Quail and Boletus (a mushroom) terrine.

Compote Pomme-Caramel Beurre Sale:

 Apple and salted-butter caramel sauce (ideal with ice cream or pie.)

It’s definitely an assortment of products! Although I think I will make use of the vast majority of them, especially the Tomatine which sounds really versatile. The apple and caramel sauce in particular sounds absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to add it to everything I find when I have a sweet tooth.

The Bonjour French Food box retails at £31 per month, or £29 per month when you purchase a 3 or 6 month subscription.

As always these subscription boxes are great if you like the element of surprise, especially if you enjoy trying new recipes too as the products will not always be standard things you might pick up in your local supermarket!

You are also advised where in the UK you can buy the products should you fancy more after using them from the Bonjour French Food box.

You can buy your first box here.


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