Bill’s, Chelmsford

If you are an Essex local you will not have been able to avoid the news of the new Bond Street development in Chelmsford. It heralds the arrival of many big name stores and plenty more restaurants – two of my favourite things! So, I decided to pay a visit and arrived at Bill’s.

A name I have heard of, but not somewhere I can admit to have visited before, Bill’s is a London favourite – and it is easy to see why! We arrived at 6pm and the restaurant was full, this may be because it had only opened on Monday but as everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves I am not fully convinced that was the reason!

The staff couldn’t be more helpful, we had actually arrived early in the hope that we might get a table – obviously this wasn’t to be the case but we took a (very comfy!) seat at the bar and proceeded to give the cocktail menu a try first. The cocktail menu itself is printed so luxuriously that I spend more time looking at the golf embossing than the list itself! The cocktails change with the seasons and so it was great to see plenty of winter inspired fruits and flavours included in the current cocktail menu.

We sampled 2, and then 4 cocktails and I must admit that they were delicious. The bar man was especially helpful too and suggested some cocktails that were his personal favourites – even offering to amend them if we wanted a different flavour. I had my first espresso martini and where have they been all my life!! I cannot believe I haven’t tried one of these before.

Whilst at the bar we ordered some nibbles – the largest olives you have ever seen and some delicious honey and mustard cocktail sausages. Great, easy snacks to have along with a few drinks.






At 7pm we were shown to our table and as we had looked at the menu whilst at the bar, we ordered straight away. We selected a Mezze Platter for two, which included falafel, calamari, olives, homous, bread and much more. This great variety meant we could try several things from the starters menu without compromising!

For mains we opted for the slow-cooked ribs and the lamb burger which featured on the specials menu for the evening.

Bill’s itself is decorated extremely opulently. Our waiter informed us that Bill’s in fact used to be more “shabby than chic” but now it has certainly mastered that shabby chic, if not entirely chic look. The seating was some of the most comfortable I have ever enjoyed in a restaurant and that alone would certainly encourage me to stay longer and come back again!






Our food arrived and it was certainly as delicious as it sounded. The combination of flavours of the starter was great, and we were feeling a little full from that alone! Do not worry though, we made sure to enjoy our main course too and I quickly devoured the sticky ribs and skin on fries. Both of which were perfectly seasoned and extremely tasty!

Unfortunately we didn’t quite have room for dessert – but the options did look delicious and I would have opted for the mini cinnamon doughnuts if I wasn’t already fit to burst!

Overall I cannot recommend Bill’s enough, and I certainly already have! There really is an option for everybody so it would be a great place to go for a group dinner – nobody would be left disappointed!

If you haven’t tried Bill’s before give it a try, and let me know what you think!


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