Billion Dollar Brows

Brows. They have become a big issue within the beauty and fashion world over the last few years. Championed by the likes or Cara Delevingne they are bigger than ever – and we are proud to sport them!

What is necessary when sporting a power brow is good make-up products to emphasise it. Which is exactly what Billion Dollar Brows offers.

With a selection of products from powders to pencils, tweezers and brushes there is nothing else you will need to add to your brow kit!

I put two of their products to the test and fell in love with the results: the Brow Powder in Blonde (RRP £18) and the Universal Brow Pencil (RRP £17).

Billion Dollar Brows

The brow powder comes in a selection of colours to suit a variety of hair types, whilst the pencil is exactly what it says – universal. It comes in one shade and one shade only, supposedly the perfect colour for anybody. But is it?

Billion Dollar Brows
In the picture above from L-R is the brow pencil, the brow pencil smudged and finally the brow powder.

As you can see the brow powder is a few shades lighter than the pencil and the perfect match for a blond brow. However, the universal pencil is a big darker and I was worried on initial application that it would be too dark for my fair brows. But after smudging and working with the product I was really impressed at the outcome. Although very slightly darker it still suited my colourings and I actually really liked the results.

I think this product really is universal as you can either smudge or build up to get the correct colour for you, plus it’s much easier to buy a standard pencil than sit at a computer trying to work out exactly what shade you should purchase!

You can check out more of the Billion Dollar Brows range here.



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