Barry M Gelly Nails & Nail Art Pen

I am appalling at painting my nails. I can just about do my toes ok but when it comes to my fingernails they look much better bare. I inevitably end up with the polish all around my nail bed and, when trying to get the excess off, end up rubbing any of the polish that did make my nail off!

However, I had heard a lot of good things about the new Barry M Gelly Nail Paint and thought I would give it a go. It retails at £3.99 but Superdrug currently (16/08/2013) has it on offer at 2 for £6, so I picked up a pink shade also.

Whilst browsing I also noticed the new nail art pens, a new launch I believe. I had been thinking about investing in one of these as if there is any way I am going to be able to do nail art – it is with one of these. The Barry M Nail Art Pen in White retails at £4.99 and they also have 3 other colours in the rage: black, pink and silver.

Barry M Nail Art

The polish itself is super easy to use. The brush is of a good thickness so as to cover a lot of your nail is one sweep. I also found that polish dried REALLY quickly and I am incredibly impressed by that. There is nothing worse than sitting around for ages waiting for them to dry!

Boy, they are shiny. Just one coat was all I needed and my nails looked fabulous. The colour is gorgeous and they just shine on and on. I am really impressed and looking forward to trying the other shade I picked up also.

Barry M Nail Art

My attempt at nail art was my first so of course it was never going to be brilliant, but I am impressed at just how easy these pens are to use and think it would be super simple to do a few different nice designs. Although I am unsure how well they would go when using my left hand… I might need some practice!

I tested out some simple polka dots. I think they would look better slightly bigger and so I will try this next time but I don’t think they are awful!

I feel a little bit like a lady bug.


Have you tried either of these Barry M products before?


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