Baker Days Letterbox Cake

Looking for an exciting gift for family or a friend? This could be the perfect idea.

Baker Days have designed a cake for any occasion that will fit through your letterbox – how great an idea is that!

No longer do you have to worry about rushing to a supermarket to buy a standard cake, then trying to deliver it to the person on their special day. Simply log on to the Baker Days website, design your cake and it will be delivered directly to the person in question!

Baker Days Letterbox Cake

Baker Days have a variety of stock images for your cakes or you can, which I much prefer, personalise your own cake with your choice of images/graphics.

Each cake is delivered inside a tin, and alongside this you are sent a special bag of celebratory treats! This includes balloons, candles and one of those things you blow that makes an annoying noise!

Baker Days Letterbox Cake


I chose to have my logo printed on this cake that Baker Days kindly supplied and the quality is great. It is really clear and I love that they have added some horse shoe detail to the side too!

The cake itself… it didn’t last long. Which says it all I think! It was chocolate and honestly, one of the best chocolate cakes I have tried. It was so succulent and moist, the right level of chocolatey (not too weak or too sickly) and the icind complemented it perfectly!

Baker Days Letterbox Cake


It is advised that each letterbox cake serves 3-4 people, however I think you could get a slice of two more out of it – depending how greedy you are feeling!

Each cake it baked on the day it is posted, and if you order before 2pm the cake will be sent the same day. Now that’s service!

I honestly can’t recommend the company, their cakes and the whole idea more.



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    Omg I want some of your carousel diary cake!!! Yummy!! What a great idea… so easy and convenient and cakes are really trendy what with the great british bake off and the fact that cake is AWESOMEEEEE!! Yum! Xx

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