Autumn Dresses

Autumn may have appeared overnight but the chill in the air won’t stop me wearing my dresses and sporting bare legs just yet!

I will admit I am not a huge fan of autumn; the colder days, darker nights and pressure to start preparing for Christmas before September is out. But I have to embrace it… what else can I do? Move to the Caribbean until next summer? I wish.

But if there’s one thing that can cheer me up from contemplating the cold and dark it’s shopping. Exactly what I spent last night doing and now I am having to decide just what I actually want to buy. Oh to have an unlimited bank account!

As I wrote in my previous post; I am really loving deep red shades for the coming seasons but, I also want to try and keep a bit of colour in my wardrobe!

Now I just need your help in trying to decide which day dresses to purchase!

Which would you add to your autumnwardrobe?


1 Black and Gold Embroidered Sleeveless Dress – £29.99
2 Burgundy Lace Stripe T-Shirt Dress – £17.99
3 Chestnut Embroidered Mesh Sweetheart Cap Sleeve Dress – £22.99
4 Blue Roll Sleeve Tunic Dress – £17.99
5 Green Jacquard Print Sleeveless Dress – £19.99
6 Closet Blue and Grey Zigzag Structured Sleeveless Dress – £38.00
(All from New Look)



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