Are you bikini ready?

Let’s firstly start off with that title. Of course you are, we are all bikini ready – just throw on a bikini and, ta da, you’re done.

With the summer comes the arrival of the hype to get fit and tanned, but that’s not for everyone and nor should it be either. We can all love and enjoy our bodies in whichever shape or size they come in, and ultimately it is loving your body that is the priority –not whether it is suitable for the upcoming season.

However, should you want to shed a few pounds or get a little more healthy – in general and not just because the sun has decided to make an appearance – I thought I would put together a few quick and easy ways I tone up and stone down (see what I did there).


Avoid those escalators, or the lift if you can help it, and get walking. I walk wherever I can when possible – but even I draw the line at walking up 12 flights of stairs to my office each day. However, that trip to the high street can be walked instead of driven if it’s close enough and instead of jumping on the tube for just a few stops, take a walk instead and soak up the highlights of London.

Fitness DVDs

Now I really am not a fan of the gym, so anything that I can do at home that boosts my health and fitness is a winner to me. I have recently purchased some fitness DVDs and whilst I typically don’t rate these, they are often cringe inducing and uninspiring, the 2 I have purchased from girls that starred in a certain Geordie house have been fantastic and really help me to tone up. They are perfect if you don’t like going to the gym, can’t afford it or simply want a night at home.

Outsource – get yourself some help!

I have recently been looking in to a personal trainer to encourage and inspire me, because alone I know I will just walk on that running machine and get bored after 5 minutes. A London personal training company would be ideal for me because then it gives me the option of going at lunchtime or after work – and one key thing I feel the need to say is that you should take your lunch hour at work, and if you can use it constructively then all the better!

So, I have shared a few of the ways that I keep fit and healthy – what are yours? Let me know!


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