An evening at the casino in Mayfair

When looking for somewhere to go of an evening, do you ever contemplate the glamour of a casino? They are the epitome of luxury and the perfect place to spend an evening – wherever you may be. But nowhere across the UK will match the casinos of Mayfair, with their wealthy clientele and bustling tables – have a few drinks with friends whilst playing blackjack or roulette, you never know… you might win.

One of the casinos I like best in Mayfair is The Palm Beach. With its decedent entrance and interior it is the perfect place to while away the hours, with a friend or two, even if it is just for a drink and you don’t want to gamble. Rub shoulders with the rich and famous of the city whilst relaxing in a cosmopolitan setting that rivals any trendy club or bar.

Not too familiar with how to play at the tables? Observe instead, picking up tips and tricks from those who know what they are doing already. There is often no better way to learn than to absorb the information from others around you.

Alternatively brush up online before you go. With so many online casino websites available you can learn the rules of the games before getting too involved at a table – and risk upsetting anybody with too many questions! Plus, with smaller stakes you don’t have to risk losing money that would be better spent on cocktails!

Whether for a special occasion or after a day shopping in the City, a trip to Mayfair should definitely be on your cards. Surrounded by some of the best restaurants in London, as well as trendy boutique shopping areas, it really is a destination that can offer you all things. And with casinos open later than anywhere else it gives you that option to stay out a little later after dark – even on a school night if you really feel like it!

With your heels on, a cocktail in hand and a roulette table to lean upon there is nowhere else you can feel as glamourous, or like the leading woman in a 007 movie. Casinos may not be your immediate choice of destination for a night out but they definitely hold some attraction for me and are somewhere I would highly recommend you visit when you’re next planning a night out with friends.

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