AA Alternative

The popularity of American Apparel is huge, with their well fitting clothing they are a first choice for many people. However it seems there is a common issue with the brand that stops many purchasing – the price.

One of their most popular items recently has been their riding pants. Coming in a variety of colours they are a great choice for any occasion, but however much I like them I just can’t force myself to hand over £64 for them.

However, there is an alternative that I have found recently and it will save you £49!

American Apparel Riding Pant Alternative
(Derby House Breeches – Right; American Apparel Riding Pant – Left)

Derby House have a great range of apparel for horse riders, and while casually searching for an alternative to the riding pant I came across their range of Jodhpurs and Breeches.

These products are a must have for any horse rider, but they are also good enough for everyday wear. In fact, because the quality is so high in these products they are perfect for everyday wear and are a great investment too.

I particularly like the Derby House Breeches which are a great alternative to the AA riding pants. Plus at only £15 they are an absolute steal!

Now my only issue is.. which colour?!



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