90’s Trends in the Home

Only if you have been living it up on a desert island or living under a rock for the past year would you have missed the 90’s trend that has graced our catwalks and high streets. It seems that the decade has made an appearance in the fashion world and everybody loves it!

From platform trainers to crop tops and inflatable bags, the trend doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. But whilst your wardrobe might be fitting for the trend, what about your home? The decade gave us some great things that would fit perfectly in to the modern home.

One thing I desperately want to get my hands on is a Slush Machine, retailing from £1,175.00 at Denby Dale Coffee they might be a little bit of an investment but think of the parties you could have! Offering your guests a retro slush with or without the addition of a shot or two. A homemade version of the 90’s favourite – Slush Puppie!


Why spend all that money out on sofas when you have inflatable chairs? In the 90’s these featured in pretty much ever teenager’s bedroom and would still make a great addition to your home now. Plus, going to a friends and they don’t have enough seating? Just deflate, pack in your bag and you’ll have your own seat for the evening.


Want to prove just how much you love the 90’s and why? Pick up this cute poster to brighten up any room. Not only will it look cute but the reasons why will be a great conversation starter and might just remind you of the many great things about the decade!


What was your favourite item from the 90’s?


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