90 Minutes from Store to Door

Ever been sat on a Friday afternoon wondered just what on earth you are going to wear that night or weekend? This happens to me every week. Without fail. Suddenly, when I have somewhere to me, nothing fits or looks right. This always ends in tears and tantrums.

But it would seem it’s not just me this happens to, and because companies are realising that we face problems like this, however first world they are, they are changing to adapt.

Like Warehouse with their 90 minute delivery service.

How incredible would it be to be browsing online, find your perfect outfit, click ‘buy’ and receive it within just 90 minutes! That is exactly what Warehouse are now doing and I am really impressed.

I would love to try the service myself but sadly they are not currently operating it in my local area – hopefully they will soon though! You can check if it operates locally to you here.

To promote the new service Warehouse created this brilliant set of videos. They got customers to vote in their “Style Me If You Can” campaign in June, and then the most popular looks were taken and used within the videos.

The idea is that every 90 minutes (do you see the link!) the girl changes to suit where she is and what she is doing. I actually love it just for the outfit inspiration aspect. The downside is I now want almost everything featured… I think I may lock away my credit card in preparation!


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