Supplements for your Skin and Brain

I am somewhat a supplement Queen, although I have been able to reduce my daily intake of vitamins and tablets right down through avoiding dairy and gluten – but sometimes we all need a little help.

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O’Sullivans Salon at the Shard

Let me start this by being incredibly honest, I am not the biggest fan of hair salons. Not only do you leave with a lighter purse, but typically I leave too feeling worse than when I arrived. I’m going to put this feeling down to the necessity of staring at yourself in the mirror for hours, with wet hair and awful lighting. I visit eventually but if I can I will avoid it only to avoid the loss of positivity!

However my recent visit to a salon near the Shard brought an entirely different experience for me and for the first time I actually enjoyed my time at a hairdressers and left feeling like I looked the best I ever had.

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Can you still exercise if you’re injured?

If you are an active person and hate to miss a workout, an ill-timed injury can be hugely frustrating. You don’t want to miss your daily exercise, but you also don’t want to risk making your injury worse – so what’s the best thing to do?

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Tria Beauty – Eye Wrinkle Treatment Laser

I recently hit the mid-twenties. When I was younger I used to think that anybody above the age of 21 was a real adult and most definitely had their life together – now I know that was entirely incorrect!

However, one joy of becoming that one step closer to a ‘real adult’ is the wrinkles and lines that are caused by pollution and everyday stresses/strains. Whilst others may find they tend to get these on their forehead or around their lips, mine appear to have centred around my eyes and area something I have long been concerned about.

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