My Food Intolerence Journey

In all honesty, I was aware that I had intolerances long before I was diagnosed. The same symptoms appeared each time I ate things like ice cream, or pizza – naturally all the good things!

However it wasn’t until earlier this year that it all became too much. I just couldn’t lose weight, I was forever tired and lethargic, and I finally decided I needed to do something about it. So I visited a dietician who confirmed my worst fears – I was intolerant to gluten and dairy.

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Tria Beauty – Eye Wrinkle Treatment Laser

I recently hit the mid-twenties. When I was younger I used to think that anybody above the age of 21 was a real adult and most definitely had their life together – now I know that was entirely incorrect!

However, one joy of becoming that one step closer to a ‘real adult’ is the wrinkles and lines that are caused by pollution and everyday stresses/strains. Whilst others may find they tend to get these on their forehead or around their lips, mine appear to have centred around my eyes and area something I have long been concerned about.

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Are you bikini ready?

Let’s firstly start off with that title. Of course you are, we are all bikini ready – just throw on a bikini and, ta da, you’re done.

With the summer comes the arrival of the hype to get fit and tanned, but that’s not for everyone and nor should it be either. We can all love and enjoy our bodies in whichever shape or size they come in, and ultimately it is loving your body that is the priority –not whether it is suitable for the upcoming season.

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