Avoid the debt this Christmas

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

If you hadn’t already heard it’s that time of the year once more, and every store is open for business – ready for you to spend money, whether you have it or not!

Of course we all want to treat the ones we love at this time of the year to something they will love, but if it isn’t within your budget is it really worth getting in to money troubles over? Even if they were to love the gift, if they knew it meant it put you in debt I am sure they would ask you to take it straight back!

But I don’t want to focus around the obvious ways to avoid debt, i.e. not taking out store accounts (But if you have to take a look at poor credit catalogues) or pay day loans, but instead ways you can make the money so that you have a pot to go spending from.

1. My personal ever favourite place to make a bit of money is eBay. With such a wide target audience, your product is very likely to sell – whether it’s a DVD or a handbag. Make sure you list your item for a reasonable price however, there is nothing worse than seeing a Primark dress that is used for sale at twice the price it was originally! We all want to make money but try to be sensible about just how much you are likely to get back.

Especially at this time of year the post is a little bit of a nightmare, so contemplate selling your item as local collection only. This saves the hassle of visiting the post office and any potential worry about your item going missing!


2. MusicMagpie is another option for trading in old things you no longer use and receiving cash for the pleasure! Whilst I would personally avoid selling clothes on here (the prices are terrible – 10p for a Topshop jumper for example!) but it is great for trading in old electronics, phones and CDs. Why not have a bit of a clear out in order to make some space for all those Christmas goodies you will soon be receiving!

3. There are loads of websites online that will give you either vouchers or money straight in to your PayPal just for filling in a few questionnaires! Though it might be a little time consuming, it is ultimately money for nothing and every little helps in the quest to a debt free Christmas.

Or perhaps you could just win the lottery or grab the jackpot on the landmarkbingo website!

Hair: From Frizz to Waves

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

There’s a big difference between frizzy and wavy hair. Both may consist of leaving your locks in its natural state but one does so with style whilst the other leaves you looking like you have got up on the wrong side of bed. So what can you do to ensure your hair is transformed from flyaway frizz to sleek and stylish waves?

Well, the first step is to wash your hair. If you’re aiming for wavy or curly hair, you should use appropriate products. Shampoo designed for straight hair isn’t going to help you achieve your desired look so instead, opt for a shampoo and conditioner designed to tame frizzy hair.

One of the reasons why frizz might occur is due to a lack of moisture in your hair. When conditioning, be sure to leave the product in your hair for a while before washing it out. This will allow the conditioner to work its magic. When you do rinse your hair, use cold water as it will keep your cuticles flat and leave your hair looking shiny and healthy as opposed to frizzy.

When brushing your hair make sure you do this when it is wet as brushing your hair when it is dry will upset your cuticles and create unwanted frizz. You should also try to use a wide tooth comb or if possible, just run your fingers through your hair.

Next you need to dry your hair. Heat damage is a major cause of frizz so try to avoid using a hair dryer. Instead, leave enough time to allow your hair to dry naturally. If you need to leave it overnight, try wrapping a t-shirt around your hair as opposed to a rough towel to prevent your hair from becoming frizzy as you move around in your sleep. If you decide you want to add some waves or curls to your locks, use non-heated rollers whilst your hair is still damp to create the look whilst avoiding heat damage.

So if you follow these simple steps your hair should now be left sleek and shiny. To maintain the look and master those natural waves, add some frizz-friendly hairspray or styling cream.

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What’s your #nigglefix?

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

As a woman I fully appreciate the daily irritations we face just for being of the fairer sex. From too tight pencil skirts that make us walk like a penguin, to

Thankfully Triumph have resolved one issue that we often face – the pain of an uncomfortable wired bra. Whilst a necessity to have in your wardrobe or underwear drawer there is nothing worse than having to put up with an essential that gives you nothing but grief. Often distracting you at work or when you are out with friends, which is completely unnecessary. But with their Magic Wire product this isn’t something you need worry about any longer.

Personally I think that it is important to spend money on underwear as if you do it will see you through thick and thin, ensuring you are fully supported and comfortable. Buying cheaper underwear is a false economy, my belief is if you buy cheap you buy twice. You will be throwing out that cheap underwear set long before your slightly more expensive one looks like it has been worn at all!

To celebrate the genius behind the fixing of this common problem, Triumph have launched a Twitter hashtag for women across the country to share their niggles and have advice sent to them from those that have faced the same issues. Use the #nigglefix hashtag to share your grievances about jeans that end up with saggy bottoms or hair that remains frizzy no matter how many products you apply or how warm/humid/cold/wet the weather!

I would have to admit that my main #nigglefix is frizzy hair. No matter what I do, where I go or how I do my hair it still remain completely uncontrollable and looks entirely like I have rubbed a balloon against it before stepping out the door. Does anybody have any advice to combat this irritating problem?

What’s your #nigglefix?


The Four Things Your Bedroom Needs This Autumn

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that changes as summer turns into autumn. As the temperature drops, other areas of your bedroom can benefit from a few home décor tweaks. These four simple updates will turn your bedroom into a cosy retreat during the colder months.

An Autumnal Theme

Before you rush out to buy the home accessories you need to keep out the cold and transform your bedroom in a luxurious haven, it is wise to consider a theme. The first step is to choose a seasonal colour theme or a pattern that reflects the season. For an autumnal theme, stick to dark brown or orange hues or deep purple shades when buying accessories. These colours can add a rustic touch to your home and work especially well if you already have a range of oak furniture or traditional oak doors from somewhere like Todd Doors or The English Door Company. Wood furniture complements autumnal colours nicely and gives your room a cosy log cabin feel. Using accent colours like these combined with oak accents can help you to create a glorious autumn inspired room.

Cable Knit Throws and Cushions

An autumn bedroom simply isn’t complete without cosy blankets, luxurious throws and plush cushions. As the colder nights start to draw in, dust off your winter duvet and spruce up your bedroom with a flurry of cosy accessories. Preparing for colder nights is easy. Opt for feather print bedding or a similar autumn themed pattern, cashmere throws and oversized cushions in complementary colours.

A Gallery Wall

Big blank walls make a room feel bare and unwelcoming. Gallery walls like this one on Pinterest are a great way to make a room feel inviting. Choose a statement piece of art for one of your walls or decorate it will an eclectic mix of frames and photos. You can use anything from photos of family and friends to inspirational quotes or illustrations. Choose frames of different colours, shapes and sizes to provide the space with a bit of personality.

Bedside Table Styling

Stocking your bedside tables with creature comforts can help to add functionality and style to your room over the colder months. This space is the ideal backdrop for displaying elegant autumnal accessories. A helpful trick is to use accessories of different heights to achieve a striking display. Start with a lamp to illuminate the area and add a scented candle that boast a fragrance associated with the season. Trinket trays, a vase full of fresh flowers, a stack of books and a couple of bedtime beauty essentials are also a welcome addition to your nightstand. Less is always more when it comes to decorating a small space such as a bedside table so avoid piling it high with accessories as this may result in the space looking cluttered.

So, there you have it, four things that your bedroom needs this autumn. How will be you prepare your bedroom for autumn?

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